War Horse at Proctors

I embarrassingly admit that I generally tend to act as a generational product when it comes to watching theater. I like a big stage production that allows me to suspend my disbelief with minimal effort so I can focus on the plot. As has been written in several local articles about the production, WAR HORSE, is almost entirely raved about for it's technological performance. Though you can see the feet of the puppeteers under the giant horse, it is almost impossible not to believe the subtle movements of the horse that are so lifelike it's unbelievable. 

There was a moment when I sensed an awkward transition during the war scenes but my skeptical brain was quickly shut up by the firing of a gun blank over and over. I suddenly felt like I was watching a trench in World War I. My brain battled throughout the end of the show between understanding reality and letting go into this world that was so masterfully created for me on stage.